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Self Ink Dater Stamps

self ink dater stamp


The Printer Dater

All Self-Ink text plus daters are available with one or bi-color ink pads which is incorporated into the stamp for quick and simple use. Choose from a variety of die plate sizes, with the simple daters in combination with your text message.

The Printer Line Dater-Phrases

The shiny dater is a lightweight self-inker, with a sturdy plastic frame and a minimum 10 year band. Choose from a variety of die plate sizes, with dater in combination with stock dial-a-phrases.


The Round Dater

The shiny round self-inker text plus dater style can be used for condensed information and short text in a round imprint area with the date.

The Professional Dater

The Professional Line Dater in combination with custom text are durable self-inkers that have a sturdy steel frame with a soft handle that provides a comfortable feel. Easy setting of date and text bands by turning the date band wheels.

All self-inker models come with an integrated stamp pad which can be easily replaced after many imprints.

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