Color Printing Services - Miami

Domed Decals

Add dimension to your products with this durable and flexible high quality decals, they are ideal for computers, fixtures and sporting goods.Special shape with no die charges, flexible dome-poured Polyurethane coating. Ask us about spot doming or domed magnets.

Window & Glass Decals

Inside or outside use, available with permanent, removable or no adhesive. Includes free white backup, If your decals will be printed on clear or static vinyl, we recommend a white backup ink to increase readability; either a halo around the image area, full background on the entire label or partial background behind the image area only.

Numbered Decals

These  consecutively numbered decals can help you keep track of just about anything and are available in many sizes or shapes, provided on rolls. Print in up to 7 ink colors, choose from 24 standard ink colors (pantone color matches are available). Screens or lamination can be added for an additional charge. If your decals will be printed on clear vinyl, we recommend a white backup ink to increase readability.

Standard Chrome Decals

These chrome decals are printed flexographicaly, provided on rolls and are strong enough for harsh treatment. Lamination is included for best resistance to handle chemicals and abrasions. Actual decal life is dependent upon ink application and environment.

Premium Chrome Decals

These chrome decals are screen printed with  extended life fade resistant ink, they are colorful and durable tough decals made to last, these permanent decals will weather the elements. Provided on individual sheets. Lamination is not required.

Security & Tamper Evident Decals

Protect products from theft or forgery, ideal for electronic or computer equipment, pharmaceutical products, replacement parts and any security related application. Laminated Chrome Polyester with void or checkered pattern will leave a tamper mark on the surface when removed. Highly destructible white vinyl face stock shreds when removed, leaving the decal unusable.

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